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Massachusetts PV solar cell manufacturing facility up for sale

The Evergreen PV solar panel facility in Devens, Massachusetts, is going on the market. The facility, which is currently in operation, is scheduled for a phased shut down in mid-March 2011.

The facility produces high quality wafers, solar cells and solar panels with a rated output of 160 MW per year. Actual output is over 180 MW per year. The facility represents approximately 10% of the US capacity.

The original cost of the facility, built in 2009, was more than US $425 million.

Evergreen Solar is shutting down the facility in order to concentrate on the company's industry standard size String Ribbon wafer strategy and its Michigan and China plants. Production costs at the Devens facility, according to Evergreen's president and CEO, Michael El-Hillow, have steadily decreased and were, at the time of the company's facility closure announcement, below originally planned levels and lower than most western manufacturers.

Hilco Industrial has been appointed as the exclusive agent to handle the sale of the facility. Interested parties should contact Brian Lee at (203) 258-0927 or Robert Levy at (248) 254-9999 x15. Hilco says this offering "represents a rare opportunity for a company seeking to develop PV solar cell manufacturing capacity at a greatly reduced cost."

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